Children of Invention DVD

For a limited time only, you can get two of Tze Chun’s films (Children of Invention and Windowbreaker) on one DVD. You are probably asking “Why are they selling DVDs right now? Aren’t they still on the film festival circuit?” They are on the film festival circuit still, but many of would-be distributors for the film are gone. Which essentially means Children of Invention may not get a theatrical release or a major DVD release after the film festival circuit.

So they are taking a new approach by selling Children of Inventions DVDs at festivals and from their website while still on the festival circuit. This is an interesting strategy especially when the time from theatrical release to DVD is shrinking rapidly. Here’s a quote from their website, “If our little experiment works, great. If not, we’ll have some data that’ll help other indie filmmakers in the future, and hopefully get everyone closer to a distribution model that works.” Read more about the Children of Invention DVD strategy here. Buy the DVD on Amazon.

No downlines available for selling DVDs, but check out our interview with director and writer Tze Chun. See the Children of Invention Update with Tze Chun too.

Children of Invention – “Raymond’s Plan” scene

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