Won’t Even Start by David Choi x Wong Fu Productions

David Choi first official music video is here.

Back in March, we learned that Wong Fu Productions and David Choi were collaborating on a music video. (We even got a chance to talk to the guy from Wong Fu Productions about it.) Last month David Choi and Wong Fu even made a teaser video with “behind the scenes” footage.

Well, the “Won’t Even Start” music video is finally here for APA Heritage Month. Great job by everyone involved. What’s even more impressive is Wong Fu Productions shot and edit the music video just weeks before they showed it at ISA SF 2009. These guys work hard. (Also love the product placement for Nice Guy gear in the video).

Other interesting facts on the music video:

The budget for this video was just a few hundred dollars. It was shot in 2 days.

The supporting characters are David Choi’s friends.

Check under the video for the Director’s concept

If you like this song, it is available on David Choi latest album “Only You“. If you like the Nice Guy gear, pick it up from the Wong Fu Productions store. Support theys guys if you wanna see more collabos.

Won’t Even Start by David Choi x Wong Fu Productions

Directors’ concept:

For those that didn’t get it totally, here’s the full concept behind the video.
David and Lana are both sitting in this white room. We also show them going on with the rest of their lives (hanging out w/ friends, shopping, meeting new people) but they are still always in this room together. The idea is that, no matter where we go and how we move on in life, we’re still always somehow connected to that special someone we were with, in a frozen place and time. In this video, that place is the white room; and here in this place, David explains (sings) to Lana that if he were to see her again, he wouldn’t try to talk to her.

Towards the end of the video, we see them switch positions as well (David was on the right, at the end he’s on the left). We also show each of them revisiting each other’s locations. (Lana went to the bball court, David went to the salon, etc). This could imply that maybe they did try to find each other again, but missed. Now in this suspended white room, he gives up, and she watches him go.

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