Jane Lui is YouTube’s Unsigned Pick

Jane Lui is YouTube’s Unsigned Pick in the music section today. See it here.

SoCal songstress Jane Lui is a classically trained pianist, but here she performs “Long Ago” whilst cranking a homemade music box. This is an original song.

You may have seen Jane Lui perform at Kollaboration 9 or Kollaboration Acoustic 2. You can support her on MySpace and YouTube.

Long Ago by Jane Liu

Lyrics for Long Ago by Jane Liu

Have you ever heard’em lovers in the park

with words a running like subtitles in the dark

it’s always complicated

unlike yesterday when you and i awhile

sing that song that i delight to hear so long ago

so to all the smiles was it mine that you preferred

(tell me that tale so i can hear the charm in everyword

and i’ll believe that you now love as you have always

still your words i hear from long ago.. long ago.)

blest was i, by your side, long ago… long ago.

verse i didn’t sing:

i have found myself this corner in the room

a room of promises like fiction – belief shall be the rule

for i meant it when we said goodnight

that i’ll look for you in someone else’s arms

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