Megabot web series Trailer

Cherry Sky Films (the people behind Better Luck Tomorrow and Ping Pong Playa) teamed up with new-media company, 5432 Films, for their short web series, MEGABOT. Here’s a synopsis of Megabot:

In 1999, five attractive, multi-ethnic students from Anytown High discovered mystical PowerSleeves. United, the PowerSleeves control MegaBot, a colossal crime-fighting robot designed by Lord Galgon, who must defend earth from evil BioBorg invasion, week after week. Now, a decade later, they hate the job and they really hate each other – but they still need the work.

The web series reminds us of Power Rangers with stronger language. Clearly, this series is not going to be for kids. The trailer is Not Safe For Work. We’re told that there’s gonna be 5 episodes along with some bonus fun stuff. About 22 minutes of content overall. Look for the series to start in August.

BTW – Keep your eye on “Yellow” played by Randall Park. You may recognize him from the K-Y Intense Commercials or The Food Show.

Megabot web series Trailer (NSFW)

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