Dawen interview with channelAPA.com

We had a chance to speak with musician Dawen recently about the release of his “American Me” album. Watch the video to learn more about Dawen. Also check out the music video for Wake Up,the first single from his album. Special thanks to LA correspondent Steve Nguyen for the footage.

Pick up “American Me” on Dawen - American Me or at Amazon.

Dawen interview with channelAPA.com

Bonus footage of Dawen and Sue Jin collaborating on “If I Ain’t Got You”. Courtesy of Steve Nguyen. You can see Dawen and Sue Jin at Dawen’s release party in Los Angeles, get details here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Heard the album already, it's pretty awesome. Definitely pickup the CD if you can. Looking forward to the show! Three awesome artists in one night: Dawen, Sue Jin and Vudoo are the dope!!

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