Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by Taiyo Na

Peep this music video Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by New York based artist Taiyo Na from his debut album Love is Growth. It’s a nice video giving a nod to all the immigrant moms out there, not just for Asians but for all people. Shot in Philadelphia’s Chinatown and Love Park, the video’s visuals were influenced by old footage of the late poet Al Robles at the I-Hotel from “Manilatown in the Heart”. Props to Taiyo Na, director Gary San Angel, and the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia for bringing this collaborative project together.

Here’s a statement by Taiyo Na about the music video

The footage of the families are tender and strong. The portraits of the people in Love Park are luminous and stunning. When I watch this music video, I am reminded of why I do what I do. I hope it does the same for you. I hope these faces bring you back to the reasons why you do legal work or medical work, why you teach, write, work at that non-profit, take those classes, work the 9 to 5, make art… why you care.

If you like Taiyo Na’s music pick up his songs at Taiyo Na - Love Is Growth or on Amazon.

Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by Taiyo Na

For more commentary about the video see Taiyo Na’s comments here and director Gary San Angel’s comments here.

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