Map The Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Dumbfoundead was part of the Map the Soul tour earlier this year. He drops a 16 for his Map the Soul fam in his song. If you like it, download it FREE here.

Map the Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Lyrics for Map The Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Allow me to introduce myself, 내 이름은 Dumbfoundead

you might’ve heard a few verses on Epik High’s newest album

rocksteady and maze, they were very amazed

it spread around the world like my bars carried a plague

met the map the soul fam when they were touring the states

i was hungry as an emcee and wanted more on my plate

me and Tablo were kicking freestyles in the backstage

a match made in hip-hop heaven like adidas shelltoes and fat laces

MYK from the Bay to LA my brother from another mother

like our brains are the same, we radiate day

cause we’re living in a cold world, i’ve seen the Planet Shiver

and they’re bass will make your toes curl

and the homie Dok2 i call him the youngest OG

yall better cop that Thunderground muzik and listen closely

Mithra Jin that be my main 형

even when Tukutz is away we remain one!

Scratches by: DJ Zo

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