MidKnight by AJ Rafael

Here’s a song the AJ rafael wrote last year (2008) about the struggles that Batman & Robin have being a superhero. He’s trying to get this song heard by the people working on the new BATMAN MOVIE! help him by spreading the word and by downloading the song here. Do you think it has what it takes to get into a major motion picture?

MidKnight by AJ Rafael

LYRICS for MidKnight (2008) by AJ Rafael

there’s this place it’s called home

but for me i dont know where to go

i dont know what im supposed to be

or who i am i feel so damn lost in the cold

there’s this thing called the heart

well mine beats in the rhythm of the dark

i cant find what my purpose is or who i am

i feel so damn lost in this world


saving the world’s not enough

maybe if i knew a little more about love

than i could finally find who i am

and then you’ll agree–

there’s more to me than what you see

i can’t think anymore

all my thoughts are all scattered on this floor

i’m blinded by all the city lights and hopeless dreams

reality escapes from my soul

and i know that there’s someone above

watching and giving me the power to love

but i’m distracted by corruption and the ignorance

this world is killing me–

there’s more to me than what you see


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