Agape by Sam Ock

Remember Sam Ock from Different Galaxies with dumbfoundead? Sam Ock show more of his musical talents with the song Agape. Not only can the guy sing, but he also plays the piano, drums, and guitar. If you like the song, ou can download it FREE here.

Agape by Sam Ock

Lyrics to Agape by Sam Ock

open my eyes to this glorious sight

a world crying out for your love

the birds and the bees living fully in praise, singing

“jesus, you are good!”


in this death filled world, God you shine bright

your love shines bright! your love shines bright…on me

why do you choose me? i don’t really know

falling short of your glory

still with your love my cup overflows

even when i turn away


i’ll be honest…i long for human touch

fighting with my flesh and my bones

i know your love is more than enough

give me more grace please!!!


my flesh and my heart may fail,

but God, you’re my strength and my portion forever!!

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