Surrogate Valentine movie with Goh Nakamura

Musician Goh Nakamura has been cast in the lead role of the upcoming independent film Surrogate Valentine, directed by Dave Boyle (White on Rice). Boyle and Nakamura developed the story inspired by Nakamura’s eponymous song of his debut album Daylight Savings. The multi-city set Valentine is targeted for a 2011 release. Instead of a music video, Goh’s making a full blown movie from his song.

“I’m excited to collaborate with Dave on this, we were comparing notes on being independent artists out on the road, and thought ‘why not base a film around it?'” said Nakamura. In addition to playing the lead role and contributing to the story, Nakamura will compose original songs and music for the film’s soundtrack.

“Goh’s a great performer, and I think he’ll prove to be a wonderful actor in his first feature film role,” remarked Boyle. “I’m a fan of his music, and I’m glad we found a long form project to do together.” The pair previously collaborated on a music video for Nakamura’s White on Rice theme song. The film also reunites Boyle with Rice co-writer Joel Clark who wrote the final shooting script for Valentine. Los Angeles based actor Chadd Stoops has been cast in a key supporting part, other roles are currently casting. Boyle will co-produce and release the film through his Tiger Industry Films label.

Surrogate Valentine song by Goh Nakamura

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