Baby Remix by Lil Crazed x Tommy C

Baby Remix by Lil Crazed x Tommy C

Peep this remix of by Justin Bieber’s Baby Remix by Lil Crazed x Tommy C of IBU. These two have been collaborating on a number of remixes including Replay and Bedrock. If you like the Baby Remix you can download it FREE here or here. Look for more collabos from these guys coming soon. For the Justin Bieber version get it at Justin Bieber - Baby (feat. Ludacris) - Single or Amazon.

Baby Remix by Lil Crazed x Tommy C

Lyrics to Baby Remix by Lil Crazed x Tommy C

(Lil Crazed)
remember in class when i used to pass,
notes to ya, jokes to ya, hoping ya would open up,
you looked back with a smile and blushed,
felt so “squeezed and stuck,” i guess i had a CRUSH,
struck with puppy love, but because, we was so young,
nobody believed, including me,
that we could be any type of unity,
then we grew up, passed puberty,
after some years, forgot about you and me,
then i seen ya at the club looking nothing but fly,
“buggin,” still had the butterflies,
then you took me by surprise, u said “hi,
remember me?” i almost wanted to lie,
but said “how could i forget, are you crazy?”
and then i looked at ya and i was like …

(Tommy C)
since you been gone,
i been here alone,
and i was wrong,
to ever let you go,

and now i want you back,
i never felt like that,
my train’s gone off the track,
how can i get right back,

inside your world,
you are my girl,
and one’s gonna stop me,
from getting next to you,

heaven knows how hard i try,
do anything to be by your side,
fight da fears, swallow my pride,
to have you here baby oh,

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