The Mikado Project

Just spotted the trailer for “The Mikado Project“. This feature film directed by Chil Kong will premiere on May 1st 2010 at the Los Asian Pacific Film Festival. It’s the story of a struggling Asian American theater company that in a desperate publicity stunt to save their company decides to produce a modern reconstruction of Gilbert and Sullivanʼs, The Mikado. Here’s more about the film:

The story begins with the news that The Angry Buddha Theater Ensemble, has lost its leading male actor, Jace (David McInnis, Never Forever), to a primetime gig on TV. Without Jaceʼs star power the company faces imminent demise. Lead by Lance (Allen Liu, Flower Drum Song), a scrappy artistic director secretly living out of the back office of the theater, the members of the group fight over the idea of putting on The Mikado, which to some in the company is the equivalent of reviving “Charlie Chan” or “Kung Fu”.

We see the conflict most vividly through the eyes of three women in the troupe: Viola (Tamlyn Tomita, The Eye), a veteran finding her way in a young actorʼs world; Cheryl (Erin Quill, Avenue Q) a half-Irish, half-Chinese, feisty actress whose indignation masks her insecurities about being a lead; and Yuri (Yuri Tag, MTVʼs Americaʼs Best Dance Crew) who is young, naïve, and oblivious to any negative connotations from art or life. These three women guide the story through their experiences as Asian American women in Hollywood and along the way we are given a window into the lives of the other members of the theater company and provided a glimpse into what binds them to the company.

If you liked Raymond J Lee’s Glee Audition, you’ll see more of him in this film too. Hope this film gets out on the Asian American festival circuit.

The Mikado Project trailer

3 thoughts on “The Mikado Project

  1. Kerry O'Quinn

    I have no idea why you sent notice my way of THE MIKADO PROJECT but… I happen to be a huge fan of Gilbert & Sullivan and Asian talent so… I’d kill to attend your premiere on May 1. How do I get tickets and info? Please keep me informed… the trailer looks kick ass!

  2. Yum Yum


    To get tickets you have to log on to the website of the LA Asian Pacific Film festival, which launches
    today (April 1) actually – and purchase tickets. If the first night, which is May 1 at 9:30pm, at the DGA on Sunset Blvd in the 600 seat theater, sells out, there is a possibility of additional screenings, so please take a look at their website and buy your tickets now.

    Thanks for the interest!

    Yum Yum

  3. Fredrick Roeske

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