13 thoughts on “442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity

  1. carol hoover

    How can I obtain a DVD of this movie, 442 Live with Honor, Die with Dignity? My father is a veteran of the 442, and I would like to get it for him. Thank you.

  2. Whitney

    I would like to know the same thing. My grandfather received a purple heart and wanted to go to the screening when it was in japantown SF but is on an oxygen tank and cannot travel. I want to buy him a DVD. He doesn’t even have the Internet at home so I mail him printed out info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Martin

    I would also like to purchase a DVD copy of the movie, 442 Live with Honor, Die with Dignity. I live on the East Coast and was unable to attend the showings. BTW, are there any plans to show it in the DC area?

  4. Bev Matsui

    My father is a 442nd veteran and I would like to purchase the DVD for the “442 Live With Honor, Die with Dignity” movie. Please advise.

    Thank you!

  5. Valerie

    It cracks me up that everyone keeps asking the same question, even though it is apparent that no one is answering 🙂

  6. Daniel

    My daughter and I went to view this moving story yesterday (Saturday 9/18) in Little Tokyo. The theater wasnt packed, but of the many Japanese in attendance – tears flowed. Yours truly included. Next Saturday 9/25 Our family will lay to rest my Uncle Wilson Ogawa who was in the 442nd, he was 89. After watching this film – I was still amazed with the dedication and upbeat attitude that they present themselves even to this day.
    Uncle Willie will be greatly missed and remembered through our life time. GO FOR BROKE !

  7. Marie

    I would also like a copy of this DVD. We live in a rural area and this movie probably won’t be offered in our local cinemas.

    I am a teacher in an elementary school. I would like to feature the 442nd for our upcoming Veterans Day assembly. Does anyone know where I might find DVD’s and other educational materials re: the 442nd that would be suitable for children?

    With sincere thanks…

  8. Russell

    Why is it that main stream movies go to DVD sales so quickly after a release at the theaters & a movie like this that is so limited to the audience that wants to see it is not available?

  9. MJ

    I emailed the director’s website about the sale of the DVD and this is the response that I got:

    Thank you so much for your interest in “442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity-”
    Unfortunately, we are not selling the DVD of the film yet.
    We plan to sell them after the theatrical release is over.
    Please keep eyes on our official film website: http://www.442film.com
    The information how to purchase will be up on the website once we start selling the DVDs.

  10. James Wong

    I too would like to know where I can pick up a copy of the DVD, I have not seen it but it was highly recommended.

  11. kathy

    Interesting to hear about the ptss that the veterans of the 442 suffered. My dad also served and was a medic and witnessed many casualties including friends. He did not talk about the battle or even the internment at Manzanar. I guess the reason is partly because of the ptss. He did suffer signs of depression that I recognize now.

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