Far East Movement on CNN

Far East Movement on CNN

CNN just did a piece on Far East Movement. (fellow ISA co-founder Wong Fu Production made it on CNN last year.) Far East Movement got signed by Interscope/CherryTree Records a few months back, but did you know these guys use to intern at Interscope. The guys reflect on the early days and how far they’ve come. They’ve gone from flyering for their shows to performing with Lady Gaga and LMFAO. With all that these guys have accomplished, they still take care of their fans. We saw them less than a month ago signing autographs for fans and taking pictures with them even as the guys were hungry and sleep-deprived. These guys never stop grindin’. If you’ve never seen them in concert, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Check out some of the music videos playing during the CNN piece Dance Like Michael Jackson, Girls on the Dance Floor, and Fetish. Be sure to see their latest music video Like a G6.

Far East Movement on CNN

2 thoughts on “Far East Movement on CNN

  1. Celia Mercado

    Quick question is Kev Nish married? lol I thought i saw a ring in his “Dance like Michael Jackson” video..nothing wrong with that though

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