Olivia Munn – Daily Show Correspondent

Olivia Munn - Daily Show Correspondent

With the BP oil spill, the Asian fishing community is seriously affected, particularly the Vietnamese fisherman. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart assigned a new senior Asian correspondent Olivia Munn to cover the plight of Vietnamese fisherman in Louisiana. She shows off her Vietnamese-speaking skills and makes Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, Aasif Mandvi and (an apparently pregnant-again) Samantha Bee feel The Big Un-Easy. Watch this hilarious clip from The Spilling Fields.

Her appearance seems to be a tryout for The Daily Show. She’s already shooting Attack of the Show and Perfect Couples. If things go well, you could see more Olivia on the show.

Olivia Munn – Daily Show Correspondent

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  1. MizzJ

    I saw this last night and it was cute, not hilarious, but cute. Aasif stole the show as usual.

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