Rik Cordero Sprite Commercial

Rik Cordero Sprite Commercial

If you’ve been in a movie theater this summer, you’ve probably seen this Sprite commercial starring director Rik Cordero. It’s a Hollywood version of Rik Cordero coming up with a video concept. HE sits with his crew during a brainstorming session that includes a martial arts fight, a cheerleader, a panda, and a giant pirate ship. We’re not sure what you can do with thos pieces, but Rik Cordero will come up with something interesting. The commercial is part of the Sprite Spark Film Project. You can make your own movie here.

Rik Cordero Sprite Commercial

More about the Sprite Spark campaign

Sprite is giving teens a platform to express their creativity through music and film in the brand’s first-ever global integrated marketing campaign, The Spark. Innovative TV commercials, an online interactive music mixer featuring content from GRAMMY┬« nominee Drake and a digital film mixer will inspire and enable teens to spark fresh thinking and display their originality.

Worldwide, additional artists will be showcased through The Spark campaign, including film, commercial and music video director Rik Cordero and four-time World Music Award winner, Jay Chou, in China.

Whether its music, film or sport, through The Spark campaign Sprite is providing an original, interactive way for teens around the world to showcase and share their creativity with others.

The Spark takes its name from Sprite’s newly updated Spark logo, which captures the lemon-lime sparkling beverage’s unique ability to refresh and invigorate. The campaign will launch in markets around the world in 2010 and across 4 continents including Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. North America will lead the global launch with a campaign that embodies the essence of The Spark.

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