Asian Jersey Shore Cast Reel

Asian Jersey Shore Cast Reel

Last week, revealed the Ktown Reality Show cast. We were first to break the news. (see here). Now, TMZ has followed up with the cast reel of the Asian Jersey Shore. The video has what looks to be the casting submissions along with clips from the pilot episode. The reel runs about 2 minute 30 seconds to the beats of Tik Tok by Kesha. As reported before, the cast features Jasmine Chang, Young Lee, Jennifer Field, Peter Le, Scarlet Chan, Joey Cha, Violet Kim, and Steve Kim. In the clip, you’ll see drinking, singing, and hair pulling. Let the drama begin!

To our knowledge, the show hasn’t been acquired yet. With the ‘Net buzzing about this, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets picked up soon.

Asian Jersey Shore Cast Reel

update: With the TMZ footage leak, the people behind the show are forced to release the full version of the K-TOWN cast reel. The reel was cut from the collective cast members’ audition tapes and was meant solely for presentation purposes for their agents and managers. See the full version below:

If you were at the 2010 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival like us, you may have seen Jennifer Field shooting before she got kicked out.

3 thoughts on “Asian Jersey Shore Cast Reel

  1. Andrew

    Still think this is absolutely ridiculous, though I’m sure many others thought the same thing about the original Jersey Shore.

  2. david

    At first I thought this show would be trashy like Jersey Shore, but I’m thinking that it may actually be pretty legit, a good representation of Asian-American life

  3. muna

    it’s just a jersey shore knockoff. there’s nothing distinctly asian about it except that they’re asian. give us something new.

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