On Bended Knee by Kero One x Sam Ock

On Bended Knee by Kero One x Sam Ock

Kero One released a new music video for On Bended Knee featuring Sam Ock. The video has a nice story line following him in an Asian market and around the city. On Bended Knee is about finding “the one” to spend the rest of his life with despite having traveled the world looking for love previously in all the wrong places. And if you are wondering what happened with the girl he’s rapping about in the song, she said “yes.” Their wedding was literally a few days ago. The video was shot and directed by Johnny Le from Portland, Oregon. Watch the whole video for a delicious ending.

On Bended Knee is off his album Kinetic World. Pick up Kero One’s latest album Kinetic World on Kinetic or Amazon.

Also take a peek at some of the other tracks on the album including Asian Kids, Let Me Clarify, Time Moves Slowly, and The Fast Life by Kero One x Esna.

On Bended Knee by Kero One x Sam Ock

On Bended Knee by Kero One x Sam Ock (behind the scenes)

Lyrics to On Bended Knee by Kero One x Sam Ock

I’ve looked in all the wrong places, around the globe, seen many faces,
Deuschland, japan, bordeux france, and Hawaiian vacations,
But I never met a girl like you, this doesn’t take a high iq,
I’m Down on bended knee, asking for your hand, will you marry me?

Verse 1
I admit I been doing a lil’ shopping,
The kind of talking that’ll empty your pockets,
4 c’s, there’s a 5th I swear it,
clarity, cut, carat, Color and credit
just kidding, you know my mission,
you’re the only girl that can flow my rhythm,
we make jokes, play, laugh and listen well,
your that dope, the only one I’ll kiss and tell
you’re that best friend, I never knew I had
still, we might fight but In the end let Love prevail
this world’s a Sheisty place, for a wife these days,
I’ll keep you safe from shady males
i wanna dream big, sitting on a hood,
underneath the stars just you and me
it feels so right, I can’t explain, i know this is what true love means


Sam Ock
Can you see? Can you see my heart?
Cause it’s burning bright
And I’ve been searching, long and hard for this love
And it’s burning bright for you

Verse 2
Its been ’bout an hour since I spoke to your folks,
went well didn’t coax em’ for votes,
what I would have done, if they were bummed
Plan B and hope to elope?
never mind, we riding now my dear,
things went down smooth like Belvedere,
lets do it big, celebrate, plan our date
And if we may, full proof like “Everclear”
and I vow to be goofy or debonair
but I wont be that guy that’s never there
you can be that girl I settle near
by your side, cause I know I’m destined here
and I know rough roads may lie ahead, and we’ll have to work for it
but as long as we can ride together
fo’ sho’ I know its worth the risk

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