Urban Wolf – Episode 13

Urban Wolf - Episode 13

What started as a simple game of cat and mouse could turn into a international crisis between the U.S. and France. Here’s episode 13 of Urban Wolf entitled “The Use of Intelligence.” Turnabout is fair play.

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Urban Wolf – Episode 13

More about Urban Wolf
Filmed entirely on location in Paris, France, “Urban Wolf” stars Vincent Sze (a noted actor from the Hong Kong cinema scene) as Justin Case, a former MIT student who travels to Paris for a job interview. Walking the streets of the city, he begins to notice the numerous surveillance cameras that seemingly follow his every movement. What begins as a simple case of paranoia quickly escalates to full-blown fear as the sinister forces behind the cameras and technology emerge to relentlessly pursue the innocent American, testing his survival instincts. “Urban Wolf” was named Best Drama in the web series category of the 2009 Independent Television (ITV) Festival, and was also an official selection of the 2009 American Film Institute DigiFest and 2010 Sundance Film Festival New Media Workshop. “Urban Wolf” is written, produced and directed by Laurent Touil Tartour. The music is by Thierry Caroubi. The series is produced by Napoleon Premiere.

More about Vincent Sze
Born in Hong Kong and raised in Paris and Noumea – New Caledonia, France, Vincent Sze’s addiction to culture, film and adventure makes him an ideal candidate for the big screen. He got the attention of Patrick Leung (John Woo’s disciple) who gave him his first supporting role in 1997. Often recognized for his unique abilities in kung-fu, tae kwon do and karate, Sze has spent the last six years focusing on film in Hong Kong and building up his film roster. His titles, include “Tactical Unit – Producer: Johnnie To; Director: Law Wing-Cheong” (2008) and “Vengeance” directed by Johnnie To (2009). His multiple talents complemented by a French accent and suave charm offer movie goers an unexpected and exciting new film star.

A Chinese actor with experience in both Hong Kong and European productions, Sze’s exposure to the international entertainment industry has only just begun.