Why Am I Doing This? DVD

Why Am I Doing This? DVD

The film “Why Am I Doing This?” gets its DVD release today. It offers satirical look at what it’s like as an Asian American actor in Hollywood, while tackling issues like stereotypes, crazy Asian families, and interracial dating. The movie doesn’t follow a typical Hollywood formula, but we enjoyed the clever commentary about the struggles of Asian Americans in entertainment. Bigger name Asian American star like Tamlyn Tomita, Lynn Chen, James Kyson Lee, Garret Wang, and Gerry Bednob also lent their support to the film. If you’re an actor or actress, you’ll get a kick out of this film. With all the crap you need to put up trying to get your big break, sometimes you have to wonder “Why Am I Doing This?”

Here’s a synopsis of the film:

Lester (Anthony Montgomery) is trying be the next Seinfeld… except everyone wants him to be Martin Lawrence. Tony (Tom Huang) is trying to be the next Tom Cruise… except everyone wants him to be the Chinese delivery boy. Amber (Emma Caulfield) just wants to get a part. Against all odds, they chase the Hollywood dream, while juggling relationships, crazy families and the feeling that they’re never going to make it in this hilarious, award-winning film.

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“Why Am I Doing This?” is from a male point of view. For a female point of view, check out How do I pursue a career in Entertainment? with Artichoke & Peachies

Why Am I Doing This? Trailer

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