Peddlin’ Music by Fatgums x Bambu

Peddlin' Music by Fatgums x Bambu

Indie artists Fatgums and Bambu join forces for “Peddlin’ Music”. The track talks about the struggle and hustle independent artists need to do just to peddle their music. From photo copy CD covers to open mic night, these guys do what they need to do to live their passion of making music. The stop motion music video is throwback to the 80’s and 90’s. For those that remember the classic Transformers, the video features both Blaster and Shockwave and a bunch of the cassette transformers. (Remember cassettes?) Also you’ll see action figures for Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac. Fatgums x Bambu bringing back that nostalgic flava. This track is off the “A Peaceful Riot” album.

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Peddlin’ Music by Fatgums x Bambu (contains profanity)

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