Be Mine by Danny Phame x freshKiDD

Be Mine by Danny Phame x freshKiDD

freshKiDD and Danny Phame paired up to drop the track “Be Mine.” It’s a fun love song collabo. The two rappers offer playful lyrics about attraction. Be Mine kinda falls in line with Gabe Bondoc’s youthful song “You’re It” and Version 2’s You & Me. Keep you eyes on up and coming female rapper freshKiDD.

Be Mine by Danny Phame x freshKiDD

Lyrics to Be Mine by Danny Phame x freshKiDD

//INTRO: Danny Phame, freshKiDD//
freshKiDD, where you at girl?
(I’m right here baby boy)
(Let’s do this)
Danny Phame
(Uh huh!)
You know we got to go in right fresh!?
(Haha! Yes’sir!)
(I don’t think they ready for this one boo)
(Let’s go!)
(Uh huh!)
Let’s go!

All you got to do little baby
Type to make a brother go crazy
I said, “Damn you fine.”
So will you be mine?
Shorty you belong on the TV screen
Got to be the finest thing I ever seen
Got me on cloud nine
So will you be mine?

//VERSE 1: Danny Phame//
Shooting for the moon but my bullets aiming cloud nine
/ Never met a chick like you / You are so fly
/ Always get it right / Never seen you left one time
/ So let me steal your heart / Can’t commit another crime
/ Leaving me breathless throughout the whole day
/ You could go first ’cause I know you got the right of way
/ You looking tasty / I know what they all say
/ First come / First serve / Kind of like an entree
/ Eat you up / No cats intended / That’s nasty
/ Baby on my brain so it’s driving me crazy
/ Pedal to the medal so we’re always in the fast lane
/ Get it babe / I’ll be your trophy in the first place
/ And everybody knows we are the ride or die
/ So I’ma keep you by my side through the whole night
/ Be mine like you saw Valentine candy / Sucker for your love ’cause damn, you amazing —–


//VERSE 2: freshKiDD//
It’s crazy stuff how baby love got me BUTTERed up
/ Blushing ’cause the MARGARINE you’re drilling over my plate’s sizzling with insanity
/ I’m madly ATTRACTed to you / How do you even manage to MAGNETize me?
/ Maybe the eyes but then again those lips are so thick
/ I’m thinking your kisses are mushy and cushiony / Uhhh
/ You and me look like a team that could never lose
/ See we MATCH / LIGHTening my days
/ The sun rays ain’t bright enough to beat that
/ Haters could be mad that we GLAD / BAGging it up ’cause they all just GARBAGE / Toss it out the way
/ Interruptions between the waves we make ain’t ever touching us because we on some new craze
/ And screw whoever got anything rude to say / It’s me and you babe
/ Ain’t nothing else matter / Let the chit-chatter add up our popularity standard / Yuh! —–

//CHORUS x2//

//OUTRO: Danny Phame//
Danny Phame!
Uh huh!
Yo shoutout to Nita Beats
AKA my manager
I love you girl!
And that’s a fact

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