Day Dreamin’ by J.Reyez x Tycoon x Gamble

Day Dreamin' by J.Reyez x Tycoon x Gamble

For everyone with a dream, J.Reyez x Tycoon x Gamble dropped a new track called Day Dreamin’. The guys paint a picture of how they visualize success. From cars to money to women, these guys will keep the grindin’ til the dreams become reality and they at the #1 spot. Chase those dreams and don’t ever stop.

You can download Day Dreamin’ FREE here.

Previously, J.Reyez and Gamble were on the track I Won’t Stop. That’s just part of the grind to reach the top.

Day Dreamin’ by J.Reyez x Tycoon x Gamble

Lyrics to Day Dreamin’ by J.Reyez x Tycoon x Gamble

It was 2 afternoon, my eyes getting heavy
and my mind wouldn’t let me go to sleep, getting sweaty now
I passed out and had a dream about the cars and the cash
and how I started from scratch, how I’m living now
the money I get it now, I was on a different route
reaching for the top of the throne, trying to get the crown
I got em confused, always came with a different sound
experimenting around, everything I written down
I’m feeling like a king and nobody that can stop me
cruisin’ through the city in a black Maserati
the stars in the sky, the city lights glowing
my girl by my side, this feels like the right moment
ridin’ I go hard like I crashed the coupe
I got a house in each city that I travel to
we all grow up, I wanna see my boys at the top
we won’t stop, we all millionaires then I woke up and damn

yeah, and I keep on day dreamin’
so I can find another reason
to give it all I got, Im’a make it to the top
I won’t stop, Im’a reach for the number 1 spot

I see a bright light shinin’
sippin’ wine with the lions, I’m breaking bread with the giants
defyin’ the limits that nobody can pass
I’ll be flyin’ past fast with pizazz, ain’t no lookin’ back
kickin’ it back and I relax while I tan
my baby girl by my side playin’ in the sand
cheers! Here’s a toast to the good life
now I finally found the perfect woman that I could wife
yeah mama, I hope I made you proud
since I could think that was the first thing that I vowed
me and my dudes we be chillin’ in a villa now
forilla. We illa now. We be hundred dolla billas now
then I woke up… just a dream
but it’s okay cause you know what that means
I gotta keep on racin’ blazin’ these tracks
for success I am chasin’. I gonna be amazin’

I’m just a kid with a telescope, watching all the stars
lavish living, got me thinking, I’ma make it large
rockstars, guitars, all the fancy cars
filling up the bar with half of my entourage
no struggle in my mirage or with the wizard of oz
selling out arenas, vibing to the applause
girls freakin’ and the fans screamin’
new tracks leaking, every day is like a weekend
I spit my heart with every microphone I grab
I wanna give em something that they never ever had
a brand new mansion for my mother and my dad
now they promoting my CD up on the billboard ad
it’s time to take flight and travel through the atlas
who thought this rap ish would have us living lavish
I’m feeling loved with every city that I come to
I won’t wake up until all of my dreams come true

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