Girlfriend by Thai x IZ x Tommy C. x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed

Girlfriend by Thai x IZ x Tommy C. x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed

454 Life Entertainment released the music video for Girlfriend by Thai x IZ x Tommy C. x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed. Shot all over San Francisco, the sexy video follows the Asian American rappers as they connect with “girlfriends” across the city. The track offers the smooth vocals of Tommy C. with verses by Thai x IZ x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed. The mega collabo continues where the hot track Lay It Down left off. You can get Girlfriend on Girlfriend (feat. Tommy C., J. Reyez & Lil Crazed) - Girlfriend (feat. Tommy C., J. Reyez & Lil Crazed) - Single

These guys laid down a bunch of tracks when they all come together last month at the 454 Life Entertainment Studios. Look out for more tracks soon.

Girlfriend by Thai x IZ x Tommy C. x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed

Lyrics to Girlfriend by Thai x IZ x Tommy C. x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed


I hit ya BBM
And tell you when my plane arrives
You wants to be my girl
Even if its just for the night
You want to take me out
show me off to all your friends
And I just play along
Like I’m your man

I love the way you please me
Whenever I’m in town
Come meet me in the lobby
And brings your girls around

I tell you what you want
you give me what I need
We keep it on the low low
Between u and me

We in the sheets
I’m a take you to her higest peak
Make you feel a rush
From your down to her feet

Understand I get around
Like I come around
Signing out like thai viet g
Can’t be tied down

J. Reyez

girl I’m around in your town, the night’s just begun
I see you lookin’ at me, I’ma make you number one
she work it, got a sexy dress and them black stilettos
I’m trying to think, which girl in here feeling special
and you’re well reminded, I’ma make you love again
close your eyes, you and I, we can just pretend
show you a good time, making sure you wont regret it
treat you like you’re my all and I know that you wont forget it
fall into the position, both in alignment
let you feel what you been missing when I get behind it
so go and dim the lights, nah we ain’t moving fast
before you spend the night, there’s one thing that I gotta ask


set yo’ watch 6 o’ clocks when the plane lands
yeah i got a show but really your my main plan
im yo main fan i can be ya main man
but only for tonight girl i got gameplans
and i know you got your game too
you might have a man, I aint tryin to change you
but my change grew, and my range new
aint talkin homicide but i can have your brains blew
but when the sunrises, girl im out quick
sorry but my ticket says LAX- ROUND TRIP
but tonight imma be yo umbrella
heres a glass slipper, you just be cinderella UH!

Lil Crazed

aye baby it aint often I’m off in this side of town,
body rockin, such a problem, got me thinkin naughty sounds,
You got a man but understand that he is not around,
if it go DOWN,
Ill show u I don’t CUSS but I got a POTTY MOUTH,
Nice to meet you Victoria, I got what you needing,
Now that we’re acquainted, I wanna know about Vicki’s secret,
bone crush ya, make ya body hate me,
While you loving how I keep it moving, ADHD,
Take you to the sky before I hit my next flight,
Engage contact, marry our bodies, then u my ex wife,
Cuz after tonight babygirl I’m LEAVE-ING,
And even if you FALL, I’ma SPRING up like the seasons

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