Toyota Rollercoaster commercial

Toyota Rollercoaster commercial

We keep seeing this Toyota ad on YouTube. Check out this commercial featuring an Asian dad with his daughter as part of the “Ideas for Good” campaign. What if we used the Hybrid Synergy Drive to create the world’s first self-sustaining amusement park? The cutest part is the little girl in the back seat saying “Daddy! I’m four.” She’s as cute as Kylie in the Microsoft commercials.

Toyota Rollercoaster commercial

8 thoughts on “Toyota Rollercoaster commercial

  1. andrewswrong

    Andrew, then why does the father say, almost hunny. That wouldn’t make sense if she said she was bored….

  2. Michael Jaramillo

    Her father says “almost” because they are almost to the amusement park. She is basically asking her father to stop talking about boring self sustaining technology stuff. I think she also says “Im Bored”.

  3. Erin

    She’s saying that she’s 4 (she holds up four fingers), and her father says “almost” as in she’s not actually four yet, but almost.

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