Dirty Little Secret by 4Play Ladies

Dirty Little Secret by 4Play Ladies

Girl group “4Play Ladies” unleashed their first music video over the holidays for their single “Dirty Little Secret”. In the video, they turn up the heat for sexy track. The women of “4Play Ladies” (Charlie Rano, Carlen Jewelle, Elle Jaxon, and Trish Maxelle) dress in futuristic styled fashion. Each member brings a different flavor to the group. Trish Maxelle is the vibrant and bubbly vocalist that truly knows how to engage and entertain the audiences with her dance moves. Elle Jaxon is the sporty and sexy soulstress who mesmerizes you with her low-toned rich vocals. Carlen Jewelle is the petite but powerful diva whose forte is to belt away the notes. Charlie Rano is the dancing and harmony queen who combines sophistication and style on the stage.

We don’t see too many Asian American girl groups. Look for more 4Play Ladies in the near future.

Dirty Little Secret by 4Play Ladies

More about 4Play Ladies
4Play Ladies consist of four exceptional young women brought together by their passion for music and dance. These four beautiful and talented ladies utilize an intoxicating mix of sexy eclectic beats with their sultry Pop/R&B vocals.

This group of women are all from the San Francisco, Bay Area. They all have the drive and determination to break into the music industry not only in the U.S. but all over the world. What is more exciting is that they are all Filipinas ready to represent their identity as Filipina American artists. They have released two original songs: “Believe Me” and “Watch & See” produced by Goodsire Media, their self titled single: “Fourplay” produced by Joe Crisol and their hit single “Dirty Little Secret” produced by Singer/Songwriter Jricz has been created a buzz all over North America.

Since the group launched in December 2009 they have traveled the country proudly representing Asian Americans in music. They have been blessed with many guest appearances all over the West Coast including Phoenix, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. With their growing popularity, fans have praised them as “the group who can bring Asian American acclaim in music.” In addition, newspapers like Fil-Am Star, Manila Mail, and Asian Journal have dubbed them the “hottest girl group to come from the Bay Area.”

This type of act has been widely anticipated since the heyday of the Filipino American Singing Group explosion during the late 1990’s (i.e. Kai, Pinay, DnH, and One Voice). Recently, the Korean Pop Industry has greatly advanced global recognition for Asian-Americans in music. As of late, the 4Play Ladies blended both genres and have become prominent figures in boosting awareness for Asian American artists in the USA; most notably the Bay Area. Their live performances, packed with choreography and vocal acrobatics, quickly promoted their large following. They are determined to become the first Filipino American female singing group to breakthrough mainstream media. They are ready to represent Filipinos and make an impact in American Music. A powerhouse combination, these ladies bring fun, high energy, sassy and classy entertainment that will leave audiences wanting more 4Play!

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