Help Fund Doughboy

Help Fund Doughboy‘s Jason Lee is working on his latest project and needs your help. His new project is Doughboy: Inventor, Entrepreneur, Funnel Cake Hero. Here’s a synopsis of the project:

“Doughboy” is a real life dark comedy about a quirky young man chasing his late father’s “American Dream”: To make funnel cakes as easily accessible as the American hot dog. The young man, Felix, is a long time (self-proclaimed #1) fan of Data from The Goonies and is an inventor, much like his trench coat-wearing role model. Felix’s father unfortunately died in a mysterious freak accident while making his funnel cake dream come true. An unexplained news photo of a burnt crisp sits on the kitchen counter to memorialize him. Now Felix feels a divine calling to continue his father’s dream. He designs and builds a suit to make funnel cakes mobile. The new business is an instant success, making him a local celebrity nicknamed “The Doughboy”. This dream seems like it may really be coming true until he is confronted by a militant activist group protesting the name of his business: Data’s Funnel Cakes.

By supporting this project, you’ll get different gift depending on your level of pledge including a DVD of the film, T-shirts, stickers and more. Learn how you can donate here.

Doughboy- story board concept

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