How The Wicked Live by The Slants

How the Wicked Live by The Slants
Last year, dance rock group The Slants teased us with their music video “How the Wicked Live” off their album “Pageantry”. They have now released the official music video. Shot on location in Oregon and Washington, the video pays homage to the iconic Koushun Takami novel, “Battle Royale,” one of the most controversial and best-selling stories in Japan which depicts a ruthless program run by a totalitarian government that forces students to pit against one another until only one remains. Students are forced to wear special collars that track their movements as they kill each other while Kitano, the head of the program, watches. The Slants take the premise and put their take with a musical twist.

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How The Wicked Live by The Slants

About The Slants
The Slants are the only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world.

Kicking off the band’s career at a tiny dive bar in Portland, OR, The Slants soon found themselves on tour and in demand worldwide performing at music halls, colleges, and anime conventions. Within months, they released their debut album “Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts” winning multiple awards. Since that first iconic show in 2007, The Slants have been cited as the “Hardest Working Asian American Band,” toured North America ten times, rejected a million dollar recording contract, were the first and only Asian band to be a Fender Music artist, and according to U.S Congress, the first rock band to play inside a state library.

The Willamette Week, summarizes The Slants’ history perfectly: “It’s a great story: All-Asian synthcore troupe lands anime festival, achieves instantaneous notoriety from overpacked fireball-laden maelstrom, inspires John Woo and Dragon Ball Z fans toward aggro electro and—just months after its first practice—books gigs across the globe. As shadow-warriory as the Slants’ rise has been, it’s still all about the tunes, and the band’s debut—floor-filling synth pop bristling with all the menace and grandeur of its oft name-checked cultural icons—is propulsive, cinematic and impossible to ignore.”

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