Take Over The City by Lyricks x Sickboi

Take Over The City by Lyricks x Sickboi

Lyricks x Sickboi got together for an East Coast collabo for the track “Take Over The City”. The pair spit new rhymes over Kanye’s “Lord, Lord, Lord” instrumental. The gritty video takes you on a ride on journey through their world.

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Take Over The City by Lyricks x Sickboi (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Take Over The City by Lyricks x Sickboi


I’m looking at my city with my eyes low.
One day: Take it over becoming collosal,
Mundane living and sinning will have to stop
When the real leaders will stand and start leading the blind folk.

A pioneer is someone who puts on blindfolds
This not a rhyme flow…. its what’s on my mind flow.

Harder to find hope, easier to find dope.
Smoke… choke… your group of folks broken up by the 5-0.
Drive slow, but drama tends to find me.
Plus I miss lyrics which is why I emphasize me.

Those who don’t understand, tell me to grow up!
Feel like i’m building my art like an ark and I feel like noah.
Or jonah in the belly of the beast and I make it throw up.
They say ‘no rappers from nova will blow up’ I say ‘so what?!’

I’ve travelled to battle, I’ve flown to flow,
People line up at the show, memorized what i wrote…. that’s DOPE


It’s a tough living given everybody’s upbringing. Yup,
theres enough sinning but then way too much judging.
And i wish there wasn’t, but i’m playing it like it’s nothing.
I’ll be paying for my wrongs, I just pray its in my budget.

Don’t worry about it, I got superior talent.
Check my material out and see i’m cashmere u could feel it. I keep it one hundred percent, understand
that it’s done to perfection, down to every f****n strand.

I’m the man!

I’m the brand. I’m brand new to ya. Come see what this NoVA clan can do to ya. With a Head of Magic i’m like Stan Van to ya. Cot damn! With a pot, pan, start a Hip hop band.

Flow BeLikeWater and not land. And I stay fly, it’s like how do i not land. Clockwork. Watch, man Time is money. And it’s ticking with my hands.

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