Rock Jocks with Kevjumba x Justin Chon

Rock Jocks with Kevjumba x Justin Chon Behind the scenes Day 1

Kevjumba x Justin Chon (Twilight, Ktown Cowboys) are part of a new indie film called “Rock Jocks”. Production just began, so we won’t see anything until 2012. However, Justin Chon has released some behind the scenes footage from the set. Looks like Felicia Day (The Guild) and Gerry Bednob are also involved. It’s the first feature film by director Paul Seetachitt.

Here’s what we were able to find out about the Rock Jocks

Forty years ago, the Department of Defense discovered and hid from the public an alien from another solar system. This alien came to warn us of impending doom – an asteroid belt of enormous proportions heading on a direct path towards earth. With the help of Cuba, we were able to shoot nuclear warheads into space and destroy most of the belt. Since then, the world has been protected by a top secret government organization know as the Asteroid Management Initiative (AMI)., whose mission is to shoot down the myriad of Earth ending asteroids from an underground control center secretly housed somewhere in California.

Today, AMI is a critical element in the Defense Department’s struggle to keep the earth safe – its heroes are the “Rock Jocks,” a group of misfits with exceptional piloting skills. Our story begins during a night shift, where the Rock Jocks have settled in to fend off the asteroids, yet spend most of the evening fighting off boredom, themselves, and a meddling government bureaucrat hell-bent on cutting their budget.

We’re guessing that both Kevjumba and Justin Chon are Rock Jocks, but won’t know for sure until more details are released. It’s great to see Justin Chon getting involved with indie productions and Kevjumba building on his success from Funemployed and Amazing Race Season 17. In the meantime, WAKE UP!!!!

Update: see Rock Jocks teaser & 2011 Comic-con panel .

Rock Jocks with Kevjumba x Justin Chon (Behind the scenes Day 1)

Rock Jocks with Kevjumba x Justin Chon (Behind the scenes Day 2)

Rock Jocks with Kevjumba x Justin Chon (Behind the scenes Day 3). You can see some of the set.

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