Delete U by Eunice Kiss

Delete U by Eunice Kiss
Eunice Kiss dropped a futuristic music video for her song “Delete U”. What if women could use technology to get rid of certain men in their life? This is what the song “Delete U” talks about. If only breaking up were this easy. The sounds of pop, dance, electro, and hip hop are fused into one on her hot track. Not only does Eunice Kiss sing in the video, but she also dances. Watch her move to the beats with her backup dancers. You can download “Delete U” FREE here. Keep a watch out for more from Eunice Kiss.

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Delete U by Eunice Kiss

Behind the scene of Delete U music video by Eunice Kiss

More about Eunice Kiss

Eunice Kiss is beyond a triple threat. Beginning her career in Hollywood as a professional hip hop backup dancer, she has broadened her career work on tour, on TV, in movies, photoshoots and recording studios–she is defined as a pop artist/host/writer/actress/model/choreographer. With her exotic island background, Eunice has been booked for a vast range of castings from Disney channel gigs, live performances, Diet Pepsi commercials, Nike Lady Footlocker campaigns, to features as a video vixen with stars 36Mafia, Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and Pharrell to name a few.

Daughter of a single South Korean/Mongolian mother with an opera background, Eunice has always been moving, shaking, singing, writing, painting, and expressing her artistic creativity. Growing up in Hawaii, Georgia, California, and New York, she has been exposed to different spectrums of culture and society, which is a big factor in how open minded and artistic she is with life itself. In addition to having traveled the world through tours and shoots, Eunice continues to apply her influences from her various surroundings into a fashion forward style that reflects mass international appeal.

Constantly moving while growing up, Eunice was in & out of homeschool and graduated high school at 16 years old. She ran away from home and started her career at the age of 17 with a burning passion for performing arts. Her poetic ability was turned into spoken word, melodic raps, and she eventually honed her skills as a singer and songwriter. With natural talents of pitch and piano, Eunice developed herself as a recording artist. Spending her free time at the dance studios and battle cyphers, it was not long before an agent scouted her and signed her to a trial period, leading to a boom of high demand from every audition Eunice was sent out on. Dance and music soon evolved with modeling, opening doors for her personality to shine through television hosting and acting. You have seen her on Nick Cannon’s hit MTV show WildnOut, in commercials for Two and a Half Men, in the movie Fast and the Furious 3, and numerous popular series. A true jack of all trades, the sassy 22 year old proves that there is no set approach to pave a way in the entertainment industry. Eunice Kiss is an ultimate dreamer with an immeasurable drive for success on whatever she sets her heart on. Check out her music filled with dance energy, sexy lyrics, and playful melodies to heavy 808s.

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