If I Ain’t Got You by Sonia Rao on The Voice

If I Ain't Got You by Sonia Rao on The Voice

Singer Sonia Rao was among the contestants last night competing for a spot on The Voice. Growing up in New Jersey with first-generation immigrant parents, Sonia says that her parents have challenged her decision to pursue music every step of the way (sounds similar to other Asian parents.), a process that has helped her clarify and articulate why playing music is so important to her. Since childhood, Sonia searched for a way to express herself that “felt like enough”. From painting to dancing to acting out, nothing felt like a deep enough expression of her emotions until she wrote her first song in the spring of 2010. Sonia says, “Once I wrote that first song, I spent the rest of that year in San Francisco writing in my little multicolored room, drinking insane amounts of coffee, introducing my classical violin to the blues and country, and collaborating with as many musicians as I could.”

For the show, Sonia brought her parents along for support. They seemed pretty ecstatic. During the feedback, Cee Lo Green seemed very infatuated with her too. Yesterday, he tweeted out :

@SoniaRao #heyprettygirl keep on doing what you’re doing and look good doing it. This isn’t the end for you! #TheVoice

Unfortunately, she didn’t make the cut. Don’t worry though. Sonia is planning to release her first EP entitled “Calm Her” in July 2011. Look for it this summer.

If I Ain’t Got You by Sonia Rao on The Voice

More about Sonia Rao
Artist Sonia Rao combines her soulful voice with piano, singing her original songs. Some are haunting, some are joyful, some are gritty and raw, but all feature Sonia’s incredible voice and honest lyrics. Fans are struck by how deeply personal her songs are; in listening to her lyrics, one feels they are hearing her innermost thoughts and feelings. These intimate stories, combined with Sonia’s striking voice, draw listeners to her music.

After performing throughout San Francisco at such venues as Yoshi’s and the Hotel Utah, Sonia is now starting on the next page: releasing her debut EP and moving to Los Angeles. Sonia says she is looking forward to “the newness of an unfamiliar city and the new songs and ideas that will come out of the process” and to record and release her album this summer after an amazing fundraising effort in which supporters raised thousands of dollars to help her create her album.

As she sings about in the delightful track “Here, Now,” Sonia is grateful for all of the support in her life and feels incredibly lucky to be pursuing her passion. You can hear her music on Sonia Rao and find her performing in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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  1. Nils Davis

    I was very disappointed Sonia wasn’t chosen on the Voice – I thought she sounded fantastic!

  2. paige pollack

    My boyfriend Frankie Fuchs found Sonia Rao at a convention and she is AMAZING. I love her songs and voice. How could the Voice pass her up?!!

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