Curtain Fall by Rachel Wong

Curtain Fall by Rachel Wong

Singer Rachel Wong released her first music video “Curtain Fall” last year. At 22, Rachel Wong is just your average girl thriving off of music and taking that leap of faith and share her music with the world. She brings a unique acoustic pop sound that will have you tapping your foot and humming along. Drawing upon personal experiences, Rachel’s lyrics connect to everyone’s encounters of love and loss. Influenced by the musical likings of the late Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, James Morrison and Sara Bareilles, Rachel mixes a soulful vocal style with pop melodies unmatched in the music industry today. The astonishingly developed sound of her debut CD, “Curtain Fall,” guarantees these tracks will make it onto your favorite playlist. You can also catch her live at shows around Seattle and Portland.

You can get her album on Curtain Fall - Rachel Wong or amazon.

Curtain Fall by Rachel Wong

Lyrics to Curtain Fall by Rachel Wong

Verse 1:
Seems like yesterday,
we were holding hands making our plans to love
Suddenly like a freight train knocking us down,
the light blinks, seeking maintenance now
I’ve cried the last tear, where do we go from here?

Feels like I’m running on empty,
I can’t hardly move, breath, speak
Walking down that lonely road again,
I’m trying to find the strength to believe
As the nights pass over my heart grows colder, I can’t fight no more
As the pain runs deeper our love gets weaker it’s nothing like before
I see it in your eyes the brokenness inside
So I’ll let the curtain fall on us tonight

Verse 2:
You used to promise me you would open my doors,
bring me something new we would take on the world together
But I am done looking back on fairy-tale romance,
took my slipper prince charming never came back
Self-destructive, broken in two, there is nothing more we could do

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