I Wonder by GOWE x Erin Kim

I Wonder by GOWE x Erin Kim

Gowe (aka Gifted on West East) and Erin Kim collaborated on the song “I Wonder”. There’s a special place in the Gowe’s heart for his biological mother. Here’s more from Gowe on the track:

Ever since I discovered that I was adopted (at the age of 18), I’ve always wanted to write a song that captured my experience and gratitude toward my biological mother.

After performing this song for the first time at Kollaboration Seattle I was able to partner with key individuals to turn the song into a music video.

My hope is that this will one day reach my biological mother so that I could meet her. In a way, I feel like this is symbolically my ‘message in a bottle’ that I am casting into the ocean. Any help in sharing the video with your friends & family would be amazing.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of this video, God is good and I am truly blessed!

– Gowe

I Wonder by GOWE x Erin Kim

Behind the scenes of I Wonder by GOWE x Erin Kim

Lyrics to I Wonder by GOWE x Erin Kim

Verse 1
Her mind was confused with a plus at the tip of the tube
Sick as she threw up with a cup take a sip of abuse
So she gets nervous cause her man left her
After the sex and he jets she thought that he loved her
You see shes 18, and shes a bit conscious
About her dress and the reflection of her own image
Timid in speech, shes limited given a week
With her tummy blowing up so