Hornitos Tequila Reunion Commercial

Hornitos Tequila Reunion Commercial

Here’s an odd commercial for Hornitos Tequila. At a school reunion (2001), an Asian guy gets hit on by a MILF. It’s not often you see an Asian male the object of affection in a commercial. Is that you Mrs. K?

For those asking, the Asian guy is played by Don Chao, while seductive Mrs. K is played by Jennifer Bini Taylor.

If you get wasted on the tequila, you can always get vitaminwater revive.

Hornitos Tequila Reunion Commercial

2 thoughts on “Hornitos Tequila Reunion Commercial

  1. Don Chao

    that’s me in the commercial. i thought it was cool to be cast too, especially when the producers told me they weren’t specifically looking for asian guys. they were looking for someone who could do innocent and confused. I did find it a little funny that they told me to say “geometry class.” saying that seems to enforce the stereotype that asians are good at math. i actually never even took calculus.

  2. P.F. Bruns


    Glad to hear from you! As far as “geometry class” reinforcing the stereotype, it really depends on whether your character got a good grade from Mrs. K…and how. 😉

    BTW, who’s the actress?

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