The Hedonistic Mixtape by XL Middleton

The Hedonistic Mixtape by XL Middleton

Rapper XL Middleton dropped his latest complation “The Hedonistic Mixtape”. The 26 track mixtape features guest appearances from King Tee, Clinton Wayne, and XL’s own Crown City Entertainment artists: Reality Jonez, Harold Blue, & Lady Deuce. They blend up an super chill & entertaining mix of hip hop and R&B. Here’s a tracklsiting:

01) Let It Get Into You (Feat. Clinton Wayne & Lady Deuce) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
02) Take Me To LA (Feat. Reality Jonez) (Prod. by J Schon)
03) XL Interlude 1
04) King Shit (Feat. BlackWest & Reality Jonez) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
05) XL Interlude 2
06) Old Times Sake (Feat. Harold Blue) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
07) She’s A Magician (Prod. by XL Middleton)
08) Tip Toe (Feat. Clinton Wayne) (Prod. by Docc Free)
09) In Hate With You (Feat. Gen Aqui’la) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
10) Never Know (Prod. by Sic Sense)
11) Upside Down (Feat. Harold Blue & Lady Deuce) (Prod. by Aceman)
12) XL Interlude 3
13) Changed Ya Ways (Feat. Rev, Young Sau, Zone, SD, & Moniquea) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
14) Voicemail Interlude 1
15) The Four Loko Theme (Feat. Reality Jonez) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
16) Round & Round (Feat. King Tee) (Prod. by Doggmaster)
17) Voicemail Interlude 2
18) The Medicine (Feat. Clinton Wayne) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
19) Low Key (Feat. SD) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
20) I Like (Feat. Harold Blue) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
21) Voicemail Interlude 3
22) Refill (Feat. Harold Blue, Reality Jonez, Lady Deuce, & Dink) (Prod. by xXx Productions)
23) Feel So West Coast (Throw Back Track) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
24) Gettin Home (Feat. Slo-Mo)
25) Voicemail Interlude 4
26) Miss Me When I’m Gone (Prod. by xXx Productions)

You can get the “The Hedonistic Mixtape” FREE here. This release serves as a preview to XL Middleton’s Hedonistic Album which is coming later this year.

Four Loko Theme by XL Middleton x Reality Jones

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