Black & White Memoirs album by AM Kidd

Black & White Memoirs album by AM Kidd

Singer AM Kidd dropped his new piano based album “Black & White Memoirs this week. The 8 track album includes fan favorites like Somebody Special”, “You Still Exist”, and more. Here’s the full tracklisting:

1 Somebody Special
2 You Still Exist
3 Electric Heart
4 I Can’t Stay
5 Paper Thin
6 Love Rain (feat. Jeff Lum)
7 Hole In My Heart
8 Invisible

He’s got his own unique style to music with his keyboard. Each track offers a special message about the highs and lows of love for one another. From the outcast track “Invisible” to the crush song “Somebody Special”, you’ll find a single that speaks to you. You can get the album on Black & White Memoirs - A.M. Kidd.

You Still Exist by AM Kidd

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