Far Away Remix by Tommy C

Far Away Remix by Tommy C

Inspired by Tyga x Chris Richardson’s Far Away, singer Tommy C created his own version of the song. Not only does he sing, but he also directed and edited the music video. For the vidoe, he shot the break up song outdoors by a lake. That’s were you’d probably go to regather your thoughts after a break up. You can download the track FREE here or here.

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Far Away Remix by Tommy C

Lyrics to Far Away Remix by Tommy C

(Verse 1)
Never felt like this before.
She took my heart, tore it up, threw it down onto the floor.
One day I feel like breathing,
The next day feel like suffocating,
Every passing day, I want her more and more.

Just when I thought, we were getting close, only smiles all on our face.
Got to meet my family, moms loving every single move she makes.
But now.

But she’s far, far away.
And I’d do anything just to see her face.
But she’s far, far away.
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again.

(Verse 2)
She lured me in like she just went fishing for me,
Then I got all caught up in her games, cuz that’s how quick she had me,
I went insane cuz somebody told me once,
She’ll blow your brains, then she’ll pick up and run,
And now I feel torment, halloween everyday.

Just when I thought, we had it all planned, even set our wedding date.
She got up and left, no signs of coming back to me.
Cuz now.


Did I mess up? What did I do? Was I a fool?
To think that we could be the perfect two?
Instead we’re repelled like magnets,
Pushing away, like anti-gravity, to be discovered one day,

I thought that were on the same page and I guess we were,
Just happened to be the part when disasters occur,
My life was climaxing, ultimate satisfaction, then that happened?
Please tell me what happened?


1 thought on “Far Away Remix by Tommy C

  1. Vanessa

    hmm not sure if yall were listening to music in the mid-late 90s, but thats what a remix was… it was a re-tooling of the beat/hook, but kenipeg the same vibe/subject. Today people just put different people on the same beat/song… to me, at least, THOSE aren’t remixes. but thats beside the point… this song is SICK

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