Family Restaurant on WE TV

Family Restaurant on WE TV

Did you know that there are more Chinese restaurants than McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s combined in the US? With so many Chinese Restaurants in the US, you’d expect a reality show based on that sooner or later. Wait no longer!! WE tv is debuting a new show tonight called “Family Restaurant”. It’s an engaging new family is dishing out dim sum and drama with the Quon’s. Here’s more about the new TV series:

In WE tv’s all-new series, FAMILY RESTAURANT, viewers see the kind of mayhem (and comedy) that can arise in our evolving world, as cultures and generations clash within one hilarious family. Meet the Quon’s, owners of a booming Chinese restaurant, the Lingnan. The series showcases the fun-loving family and their lovable-but-bossy matriarch, who constantly creates conflicts with her children over everything, from how to “advance” the business, to them dating outside their race. You never know what the day may bring behind the walls of this 60-year-old institution, but it’s sure to include drama!
Family Restaurant on WE TV
Chinese immigrants, Amy and Kinman Quon, are the kind of restaurant owners who greet you by name, seat you at your favorite table, and bring you your regular order without even asking. To them, “predictable” isn’t a bad word – it spells comfort and consistency. They appreciate that in their business and in life in general! However, their first generation “westernized” children, Miles and Mandy, think their family’s restaurant empire could use a little more spice – other than the Szechuan sauce. Beyond bringing the business into the 21st century, they wish they’d be a little more open-minded about their personal lives, too! Amy and Kinman want not only what’s best for their children (which means their pick of the right spouses, clothes and careers), but what’s best for their business, too. Can mom, dad and Lingnan regulars stomach all the progressive change the kids are dishing out?

Cooking frenzies, communication breakdowns and front-of-house antics abound, the daily trials and triumphs of running a busy restaurant can ignite some serious family friction. But the Quon family bond runs as deep as their passion for the Lingnan.

FAMILY RESTAURANT premieres on WE tv TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2011 at 10:00PM ET/PT with back-to-back half-hour episodes. The series airs regularly every Tuesday at 10:00 & 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Family Restaurant on WE TV

2 thoughts on “Family Restaurant on WE TV

  1. Stephanie Terry

    Were is the Lingnan restaurant located? I love love love the MOTHER!!!!She makes the show fabulously funny but very very realistic. The food looks delicious and Id drive a thousand miles for a fantastic chine dim sum restaurant!!! Living in San Francisco California spoiled me and my taste buds and now I live in the North Eastern area and can NOT find a Chinese Restaurant at all!!!!

  2. Rita Ng (From Hong Kong)

    One of the funniest /realistic series that I saw.Although I don’t want to be Amy’s children(luckily) but I
    appreciated all the things that Amy did is protecting her family. She wants to control and brings all the best for her husband,kids and chooses the best for her family. I will laugh from my bottom of my heart but I still support Amy though she is toooooo bossy……………..

    P.S. Amy is a typical Chinese Mom and I hope you can let her enjoy in her life circle…….

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