Outro Flow by D-Pryde

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Title: Where To Buy Valtrex In Australia - go to link Author: http://www.iwanteducation.com/where-to-buy-valtrex-in Rapper D-Pryde dropped an autobiographical track “Outro Flow” directed by Rik Cordero. The video follows the D-Pryde’s journey over the past year with the ups and downs as well as the temptations and success. Take a walk with D-Pryde runs into different types of people who have shaped his life. Most of all he thanks his family, friends, and fans. It’s an inspirational video with a big thank you to everyone who’s helped him along the way. You can get the single FREE off his Mars Mixtape.

generic viagra online 50mg update: D-Pryde has also signed on for an 8 city concert tour on Roc Nation artist J.Cole’s “Cole World…World Tour”. Between August 23rd and September 7, 2011 the duo will perform at 8 venues in 6 different provinces in Canada. Asian Canadians represent!!!

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Baclofen Online Pharmacy lioresal 10 mg 50 tablet We were all given quite a lot of freedom which would not have happenedback in Oz http://allafrugs.com/wp-includes/certificates/background-check-services-questions-asked.html Lyrics to Outro Flow by D-Pryde

http://integratedmetabolic.com/?nowbuy=Protonix&6aa=b9 It’s weird i got fans and a new career
it makes me ask the big homie what im doing here
thank god for this heavenly vacation
for the dream life i want, man im even buying souveneirs
man i used to be a loser here, bullies and haters were the stupid people who i fear
high school was the worst thing to go through
cuz i never burned green, or took a sip of someone’s stupid beer
i started as a kid that was border than most kids, and found a thing called windows recorder
had a little fun trying to write my own song
and found this was the dream that would i find lifelong cuz
while other kids did drugs i was home recording
it wasnt luck to find this love i was chosin for it
while other kids went to partys meeting new dudes, i was at home making comedy on youtube
man i got a fanbase off that, thousands of people screaming, yelling my name
but since i got a record deal and all that
people wanna claim that D-Pryde changed, man forget it
its foolish just to hide, the fact that now im signed but im ??? for all this pride
that i got for all the things that i do, its out of sight now
i wanna take this time to thank my bestfriends right now,
sorry for the commotion that im causing, cuz hanging out with me can be a sign of great caution
im basically a target, and i want you to not get involved with haters cuz ya’ll might get hurt up in the process
and ya’ll accepting me for who i am, bad friends i didnt know what i should do with them
and ya’ll picked me up and helped me, just to let you know without NHB there would be no D-Pryde in general
and man i really wanna thank the label for helping me with my dream
and yeah there might be things that distress us but we a team
and we’re standing in this huddle making money well im sure we’re able
still remembering that phone call in early April
Jason told me i can make you a superstar
Phil told me, you gotta work hard for this
Suss 1 said, we’re bout to make a movie baby
now we’re going straight up on to mars with this
and last of all i wanna thank all of the fans, for being with me everytime i crank up and expand
now it aint even an Asian thing, even girls get me, and the fellas man, i got the whole world with me
is it funny im killing it so dont touch me, if you hated or degraded consider your sad ass lucky that you even brought me down
listen to my pain, to the bullies and the haters know that this is what you made

Just a small token of appreciation, thank you everybody
NHB, Mars Music, and fans, you made my life what it is now