All or Nothing mixtape by Embassy

All or Nothing mixtape by Embassy (front)All or Nothing mixtape by Embassy (back)

There’s a new Asian American boy band out in the East Coast. Meet Kimsan, Flip D’skript, Sebastien. Together they form Embassy. These childhood friends have a diverse mix of Asian ethnicities including Cambodian, Filipino, and Thai/black. Each member brings a different element to the table to form the trio. Since they been creating music together, Embassy has developed a sound unmatched by anything that has been done before with a fresh sound, a new breath of air blending rap, R&B, and pop. With their clean cut image, cutting edge sound and energy to move the masses of any genre of music lovers, the guys are ready to break out. Inspired by everyday relationships and situations of life, Embassy has released their “All or Nothing” mixtape featuring the song “Rider Girl,” which has been played on local radio stations in Virginia. Not only do they create music, but they also work with the community with events like speaking to high school students on the importance of education and helping to fight neighborhood crime. Additionally, Embassy has been on the Konnected tour and shot a pilot for a reality TV show for the BET network. Look for more from Embassy soon.

You can listen to the “All or Nothing” mixtape below:

Rider Girl by Embassy

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