Fukushima by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

Fukushima by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

Magnetic North x Taiyo Na team up for their song “Fukushima” off their upcoming Home:Ward Deluxe album. The New York based musicians have a simple message with this track:

Dedicated to the victims and families of 9/11 and the Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis of 2011.
Dedicated to the victims of any tragedy compounded by not just natural forces but human error and deceit.
Dedicated to those who in the midst of this, find the love and courage necessary to get back up on their feet and rebuild.
Dedicated to love over evil.

It’s both a supportive and inspirational song for anyone who has gone through tragedy. Our prays go out to those that have fallen and the families and friends that sorely miss them.

Listen to more from this Asian American 1-2 punch of Magnetic North and Taiyo Na: BE, Summertime, and I Got My. Look for the deluxe Home:Ward album dropping November 2011.

Fukushima by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

Lyrics to Fukushima by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

i remember 9-11 how my city cried for heaven
how people perished no matter what style of reverence
i remember tribeca buildings falling all day
missing people everywhere all the years of mourning
what made it worse was our leaders ’05 you could see it
with katrina they didn’t feel it they were just greedy greedy
just like fukushima good bad made clearer
it’s salt to the wound when your leaders just leave ya
but that’s when the lion’s roar that’s when you fight for more
that’s when you figure out there’re things worth dying for
it’s only when the days dark you discover brave hearts
i know a girl from haiti motherless who has the same heart
my heart goes out to each and every one of you
children of the future will be greater because of you
i don’t write songs for the fortune or a buzz or two
i write for my people hope you feel me love for you

i’ll cross a stormy river
dig the deepest tunnel
build a bridge over
any length to love you
i’ll bear any fate
carry it double
however much the stretch
i’ll go any length to you

i don’t even know the half only seen the photographs
reporters telling stories from the view inside their cul de sacs
so i sat eyes glued thinking of your loneliness
choking back the tears and blinking back condolences
a lowly gift cuz your world is rearranging
on the train sat beside a girl with paper cranes and
she feels so ashamed cuz she’d rather send a benjamin
but maybe hope’s the better currency for this millennium
life is but a dream but a dream is all we hope for
like the light you cannot stifle shining behind closed doors
like the song you shouldn’t sing you sing until your throat’s sore
like the love that never dies though life itself is so short
and your beauty is resilience
holding on to nothing but the fact you will rebuild again
and I know you will rebuild my friend
we’ll go to any length no distance is too significant


rebuilding is a struggle i feel it you feeling crumbled
your spirit’s still recovering conflicted with god above us
have we been punished why what justifies suffering nothing
i see no reason for people to lose their homes from right under
maybe it’s mother nature’s way of saying we need a change
crusades of war and terrorism synonyms of the same
so filled with hate in our veins and racist youtube tirades
still makes me sick hot 97 played the tune on the waves
but i can’t sit here in shame just hoping and praying
this ain’t no dream within a dream there ain’t no totem to save ’em
it’s as real as it gets when you realize death
cuz when you lose someone you truly redefine strength
so i’ll utilize this pen
my arms don’t reach across the seas but songs move any length
any length to love you
rest and peace to all the fallen your strength is eternal

1 thought on “Fukushima by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

  1. Jaimie

    This is one of my favorite songs so far by Magnetic North & Taiyo Na because of the heartwarming and hopeful souls that got poured into the making of this song. When I first listened to this song, I cried but I was trying to hold back the tears so I could read the words from the lyric video on youtube. I showed my boyfriend this for the first time and I saw tears trickling down from his eyes and I knew right then and there that he felt the same way that I felt when I heard this song, among thousands of people that also had listen to this song.

    So Magnetic North & Taiyo Na, I thank you for making such a beautiful song with such hope and soul and hope that everyday people like you and million others would change the world for the better place.

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