S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D) mixtape by Jasmine V

S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D) mixtape by Jasmine V (front)S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D) mixtape by Jasmine V (back)
Singer Jasmine V dropped her mixtape S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D) this week. Here’s what she wrote about her 12 track album:

I was doodling and look what I came up with – S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D). lol!! Sometimes in life u can be in certain relationships that can make u feel So Silly. I finally realized that this thing we have has all been a MASQUERADE. It got back to me that he’s tells people that “I’M JUST A FRIEND“, what the #$@!!! How embarrassing. What’s really crazy is that he’s blatantly playing me, but I still get JEALOUS and be ready to slap a chick. All I want to be is his ANGEL, his rider! Is that 2 much to ask? THIS ISN’T LOVE right??? To add on to the drama I met someone else!!! (Blushing), he had me at HELLO. I don’t know what it is but I literally spilled my guts to him about everything going on and it didn’t feel awkward. He seems like he would put in that WERK, but we’ll see. In the meantime I’m a cut this fool. Anyways headed to the studio all of this inspired THE BREAK UP SONG I’m cutting today TTYL.


You can listen to the full mixtape below:

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Intro – “Sometimes love comes uninvited and leaves without saying goodbye”
2. So Silly ft. Tyga
3. Masquerade
4. Just A Friend
5. Jealous
6. Interlude – “Sometimes u have to go thru a bad situation to recognize when ure in a good situation”
7. Angel
8. This Isn’t Love
9. Hello ft. Ryan Leslie
10. Werk
11. The Break Up Song
12. Outro – “Real love doesn’t have a good or bad ending, it has no ending”

Werk by Jasmine V

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