Summer Lovin’ by 236 x MC Alfonso

Summer Lovin' by 236 x MC Alfonso

All the summer tracks are coming out at the end of summer. Singers 236 x MC Alfonso team up of the single Summer Lovin’. It’s a R&B single with a chill laid back summer vibe. Summer Lovin’ was written for Summer Lovers and Lovers of Summer…So if you ever fell in love with someone that had to leave in a quickness, this track is for you.

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Also don’t miss Moving On by MC Alfonso.

Summer Lovin’ by 236 x MC Alfonso (contains explicit lyrics)

More about 236
236 is a perfect balance of different worlds. Their sound is unique, powerful, and haunting. They love to experiment with their music by adding hints of alternative, country, and rock. 236 is comprised of two singers, Michael Sing and Rally Adamos, They were separate entities doing vocals for extremely different genres. Michael, a trained opera singer was laying down perfectly executed, crisp sounds for house tracks. Rally, on the other hand took his raw, emotional vocals and began to record r&b music, and also had the the opportunity to work on a jingle. Through their musical chemistry, 236 was born. Rally and Michael are musical trailblazers, running with the opportunities they have now and always keeping their ultimate goal in plain sight.

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