The Silencing x Everything I Am

The Silencing

Evolution Core studios comprised of Tim Choi and Solomon Omar released a short film “The Silencing”. The duo wrote the short, shot it, put the soundtrack on it, added visual effects and edited it. Here’s more about the short:

In a world plagued by paranoia and oppression, one man stands against a new law that requires artists and musicians to submit to the will of an overreaching government. This short story of betrayal and redemption shows the power of one to defend his liberty against all odds.

In addition to the short film, the group also created a music video based on it. The piece draws its content and visual style from the bleak 2025 world from the film. Both projects are intertwined. Again these guys did all their own work from music to video.

The Silencing

Everything I Am by Solomon Omar x Kyle Augustin

Lyrics to Everything I Am by Solomon Omar x Kyle Augustin

Chorus x2

Everything I am,
Everything I done,
It doesn’t amount to what I wanna become and baby here I stand,
And I won’t fall,
You can count on me ’cause I can make the call,

Verse 1

I had to make a choice,
I had to fit the bill,
Like dead presidents remembered only after killed,
This is the second change used to drink to get my fill,
It’s hard to turn the page when all is said and done and still,
I like to think I’m ill,
I like to think I do everything I need to do no matter what the record deal stipulates,
Get your rates, tour dates, everybody speculates but nobody could tell you what this battle takes,
It take a sound mind, and a selective ear,
To hear what you wanna hear when the crowd cries,
For the return of great Alexander incarnate the heavyweight champion of the people listed in column 8.

That’s fuckin’ bullshit we tear up every zip code,
Give all or nothin’ every rhyme is spoken written code,
This the return of something otherworldly and amazing oh I’m never gonna let it go on the verge of renovating an abating role,
Gotta think back ten years to the time I first developed this flow ever since I turned my back on the norm I had to brave and weather storms,
Did a version as a virgin when I dreamt of glory long ago now the people that told me that you can’t rap are eatin’ their words, spaghettios,

Imagine you against the world all you got’s a pair of birds and a tricky list of words,
and they keep you up at night, make you feel that fight or flight, listen you can seize the day, I’ma commandeer the night,

Bridge 1
Some days I struggle just to find the time of day to get away from all this,
You see I need my space and place to go where I can be alone and focused,
My energy and what I love to do and gotta do I’m fightin’ to the end so just understand,
I choose to live my life this way every day it’s something new I’m pushing through the struggles, and all the troubles,
I won’t let it get in my way,
I’m only here to seize the day!

Chorus x 2

Verse 2
So I live in wonderland,
So you can understand,
I made my fantasy reality in future plans,
I think about the past though my life is movin’ fast,
I still got time to turn around and see you finish last,
You on a beaten path, we got a roadmap,
We rollin’ down 120th with store brands,
Just dissassembled hope, pieces hangin’ by a rope,
Just take that bar of soap and shove it down your throat man,
I’m cleanin’ house now, you peepin’ on my game,
Don’t be a Tom, Jerry always get the last laugh,
One thing you should know about us is that we rock hard,
And we about to fuck this game until it can’t walk,
I’m about as sugar-coated as a piece of burnt toast,
The pain sucks but the truth ends up hurtin’ most,
Out of the ordinary, this is my solitary, this is the high we’re on, don’t look down the drop is scary,

Bridge 2

Music’s my melody my harmony my everything a chance to be heard,
Speak and deliver my words,
To the masses I blast it and cast it so fast you can’t pass me without lookin’ back and askin’ yourself, who was that,
So I spit in the mic, ’bout my life, the constant fight about decisions I made that I’m hopin’ are right,
All I wanna do is break through and let you know this is true,
This ‘aint a game, this what I was born to do,

Chorus x2


And as life goes on, every man for himself,
But it’s respect that gave me light to put my trust in someone else and though the song may die,
The music goes on,
And the light at the end of the tunnel’s actually the break of dawn,
Assisted suicide, here we call it do-or-die,
‘Cause everyone’ll fry, better make it super-size,
At supersonic speed I approach the morning sun,
Let’s go out with a bang like a smokin’ loaded gun.

Chorus x2

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