Have It All by J. Reyez

Have It All by J. Reyez

Rapper J. Reyez released the single “Have It All” off his Broken HeART mixtape. The song talks about seeing a woman he’s attracted to, but he has to leave the next day. The two share a night of fun together. The money and the fame don’t compare to her. You can download the track FREE here.

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Have It All by J. Reyez (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Have It All by J. Reyez

put that dress on, put them high heels on
in front of me is a beautiful girl
I see you in my view, the feeling’s so true
another lost love when I travel the world
I wanna f*cking have it all, I wanna have it all
every single moment that I share with you
I wanna f*cking have it all, I wanna have it all
the money and the fame don’t compare to you

(verse 1)
reach the afterparty, taking a couple drinks
getting a ‘lil faded, but still enough to think
and I’m just having a ‘lil too much fun to focus
beautiful women here but only one I notice
it seems she doesn’t really have her make up overdone
different from the rest of the girls in the club
I see her looking at me, walking in my direction
my flights tomorrow morning but I feel a connection
we start conversing and she can understand me
that I’m just a person, not someone with a Grammy
but that don’t mean I won’t accomplish that in the future
and that don’t mean I won’t make you mine even sooner
it’s kinda hard when we got the world in between us
but I’ll be back again, I’m set with my traveling visa
why do I fall for your type, I’m floating on ice
we got this one night, lets share this moment for life

(verse 2)
yup we throwing a party, women around the booth
women around the booth, but you know I’m down with you
you sippin’ OJ and vodka, we poppin’ champagne
them dudes in the back looking thirsty, it’s a damn shame
it’s just me and you, don’t care about what they assume
people will talk, no matter what with every single move
lets get up outta here, far away from the public
and after we’re done, you’re gonna say that you loved it
and we hear a knock, the dinner’s at the door
you’re getting comfortable, we finish after four
I was a little nervous, you didn’t notice yet?
we both living a crazy life with no regrets
I want this moment to be longer but it grows apart
I knew this love wouldn’t last even from the start
but I’ll be back again, I’ll see you another day
let this one run away

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