Another Day by Jae Jin x J.Han x C.Note

Another Day by Jae Jin x J.Han x C.Note

Muscial artists Jae Jin x J.Han x C.Note team up for the inspirational single “Another Day”. The song deals with the struggles of living a purpose driven life with God. Here’s more from Jae in about the track:

My vision for this song was to address a basic human struggle that I knew all three of us have often dealt with throughout our lives, albeit in different ways. I know that each of us have seen examples of weakness and brokenness in our lives, and have each seen how God has met us there. While each of us know that our hope and our home is in Christ alone, and not in this world, it’s still a constant struggle living each and every day, struggling to stay faithful and hopeful in the face of suffering, evil, pain, hurt, and the myriad of examples of hopelessness we witness and experience. I asked both James and Chris to honestly write about this struggle in living day by day.

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You can download the song below:

Another Day by Jae Jin x J.Han x C.Note

Lyrics to Another Day by Jae Jin x J.Han x C.Note

Verse 1(Jae Jin):

My life moves, with a bigger purpose
Than I, can even see at this very moment here
So I’ll, just close my eyes, stay a while, cuz I know that if I keep on trustin, if I keep on grinding
All I know’s that I’m torn between the two, cuz I desire to depart and be with You, but I know I gotta stay, keep on fightin thru the grey, pushin my heart to obey, till the day I fly away.
Cuz in spite of the usual, every day is beautiful, and every little move I make, He’ll take, remake, somehow make it usable,
Though at times the pain sears, I’m praying through these tears, I ain’t alone, soon You’ll be callin me home.

Chorus(Jae Jin):
And as I rise for another day, keep me focused Lord I pray.
And though I stumble, You keep me humble, it’s all from you.
And as I rise for another day, keep me focused Lord I pray.
Cuz im ready for another day.

Verse 2(J.Han):
Hold your head up; you were made for greater purposes.
The stack of trouble seems like it is bottomless.
In this maze I know you’re trying to find out where the exit is.
Potholes in your way makes it appear you’re on a road of swiss.
Cheese for your friends and family to hide your pain, doubt, and suffering.
Whistling Dixie might distract ’em for just a couple ticks.
But it’s taxing and hopeless to retain this counterfeit
exterior when actually feeling like an empty pit.
Let me tell you bout a man who lived, perfect and blameless in everything He did.
He exchanged His own crown in heaven to get spit on by His own creation.
He’s somebody that understands agony; people despised Him,
plus He was rejected by men; this man of sorrows was killed for my sins
and yours; We see it clearly in verse four and five in Isaiah 53; I
can keep on going with my face towards the sky.
Rocketing my faith is the fact that Jesus relates
to my pain, and walks in the fire with me like Shadrach was my name.

Verse 3(C.Note):
This life can be so hard. Sometimes completely lost
So quick to put our guard up. So slow to get involved
Father I want it all, but then you slow my roll
I often make the same mistake and tell em that i know
I be slippin at times highbeams of life are blinding spots
juicin up on limelight. ambition is to rhyme tight
trippin over the shine they get. superstars and their finer things
I need to stop chasing the fancy life and offer mine…
to a King…to the One and Only. To the Good and Holy,
to be wholly Yours set apart from a world. Only took so long to mold it
from the hands of God….I put mine into the sky and reach for Savior
He the one we praise and gather around like its a special occasion
never and ever will I feel like that my days are wasted, you wanna talk about the elite? Then I guess my Gods elected, you may not comprehend it when the brain extends a hand shake,
so like a fan at a game, I just hope my wave connected.

Final Chorus(Jae Jin):
And as I rise for another day;
Lord, keep me focused I pray(I pray)
And though I slip and stumble, I know You’ll keep me humble
The storm will finally pass away(Awayy)

And as I rise for another day;
Lord, keep me focused I pray(I pray)
Im tryna stay upright, like a boxer in a fight,
But I know You’ll guide me through another day.
(And I prayyyy)

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