Dreamchaser by Verseatile

Dreamchaser by Verseatile

Rapper Verseatile dropped the music video for his single “Dreamchaser”. He tells the tale of a tumultuous relationship. We all chase dreams, but sometimes it takes the hard route to realize we were chasing after the wrong one. In relationships, it’s even harder to face the reality that you no longer love each other. Look for KTown Reality Show‘s Jennifer Field as the leading lady.

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Dreamchaser by Verseatile

Lyrics to Dreamchaser by Verseatile

Verse 1:
I woke up feeling emptier, than ever before in my life, this looked familiar/ I couldn’t figure out the time and the place, a woman laying next to me, I had trouble recognizing her face/ my heart was beating, but inside I felt it was bleeding, I couldn’t take it any longer of the way it was treated/ I thought she loved me, told me I was all that she needed, but in reality, I was only fooling myself/ she was the only one that ever cared, that ever shared, the only one that I compared, to breathing air/ until one day, in one moment, my heart shattered, into a million different pieces and they all got scattered/ it didn’t matter, I knew she wasn’t right from the start, how did I let her get so close to me right into my heart/ I was so foolish, thinking it was love we were making, but I was faking it for the sake of the dream I was chasing/ she’s gone

Dreamchaser, feel the highs and feel the lows, see ya later, no goodbyes and no hellos, love to hate her, she turns me on then turns me off, still I chase her, still I chase her

Verse 2:
Staring out the window, I can see the raindrops falling down, hoping and wishing she would one day call me out/ why do I miss her when she isn’t the one, and when the love already ended and the pain has begun/ I’m having problems, distinguishing the right from the wrong, attempt to solve ’em, the reason why I’m writing this song/ I pray to God, for every time she gets in my head, that my focus and concentration is on Him instead/ my heart is fragile, but I let it slide through my fingers, I disregarded the heartbreak, all the pain that had lingered/ what was I thinking, is this the part when shame is upon me, cuz I won’t ever take the blame for what was something beyond me/ I never knew, the consequences of my emotions, I started drowning my sorrows into a fantasy ocean, I wanted you, but you were just a poisonous potion and left me dying all alone, feeling hopeless and broken/ I’m gone

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