Jen Okazaki on HBO’s Angry Boys

Jen Okazaki on HBO's Angry Boys

HBO has a new series “Angry Boys” that has comedian Christopher Lilley dressing in drag and doing some yellowface as the character Jen Okazaki. Here’s the description of the Asian mother character:

Jen Okazaki is a soft spoken Japanese wife and mother of three.  She is also an ambitious tyrant.  Her primary focus is her son Tim, who she trained and pushed into becoming a skateboarding champion.  Although she had moved the family to America for a better life, she realizes that Tim’s career can be better promoted from Tokyo if she markets him as not only a cute Japanese boy, but also a homosexual.  She builds a successful empire around “Gaystyle Enterprises”, and holds suffocating control of Tim, who is struggling to reconcile his domineering mother with the desire to be a normal teenager.

So many things wrong with this character. Where do we begin?

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