Home is Where the Hans Are Episode 3 by Wong Fu Productions

Home is Where the Hans Are Episode 3 by Wong Fu Productions

In the third episode of “Home is Where the Hans Are“, Wong Fu Productions introduces us to the father character Andrew Han, who is played by Randall Park (Too Fast). After fearing his first meeting with his new stepdad, Derek finally faces it, only to be surprised that Andrew is nothing like he imagined. In fact, they have a lot more in common than he thought. These two unlikely friends share a little more about themselves to one another. Meanwhile, Andrew is trying to avoid his surprise birthday party, but Derek needs to get him there. After a few drinks, will the two make it back to the party?

Here’s more from Wong Fu Productions about the writing the character of the father:

When we were conceptualizing the father figure for the series we went back and forth a lot about how we felt he should act. Should he be a traditional “Asian father”, strict, accents, generation gap? Well, while we definitely think that could be funny and that there’s a place for that… we didn’t want him be that stereotype, completely. TV already has an terrible problem depicting Asians always with accents, and we didn’t want to add to that. While it may have been more accurate, we’re trying to change the general public’s perception. …So we ultimately decided for a more westernized father, and to make him rather cool and outgoing, but with hints of the stereotypes peeking through. Randall fit the part perfectly. An awkward, but firm, dad that is a little lost but still finds joy in his family.

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Home is Where the Hans Are Episode 3 by Wong Fu Productions

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More about Home is Where the Hans Are
Derek has been away from home for 2 years, distancing himself from his mother and life back home. But in the end, his dreams have gotten him nowhere and he reluctantly decides to return home. To his surprise though, his new step-dad and family are not what he expected, and this new life might just be what he needs most.

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